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KT88 ultra linear valve amplifiers

Separo P88i Ultra Linear Valve Amplifier................£565


The Separo P88i is the top of the range valve amplifier we currently have in stock and is an impressively large and well designed hi-end valve amplifier.
You really need to listen to this amplifier to understand how clear and accurate it is, (snr 92Db), I have a Separo P88i (KT88) valve amplifier in my living room coupled to a Shanling CD player and Quad speakers and it sounds fantastic.

The valve amplifier is an 50 Watts per channel stereo integrated 6NP/KT88 push-pull amplifier, operating in "Ultra-Linear" mode, which offers triode like lower distortion and pentode like higher power efficiency. utilising FOUR of the fabulous large KT88 valves.
This valve amplifier is very, very heavy, 26kg due to it’s massive transformers. Compare this weight with other other amplifiers on the market.

The transformers are the high precision open hifi prestige range from Separo. Unlike many amplifier manufacurers who simply buy in transformers, Separo design and manufacture their own transformers. They are side wound for a more stabe frequency and Separo design them specifically for audio use and in particular to go in their amplifiers.
The transformers enable the valve amplifier to produce a clear deep base which gives the music depth. The valve amplifier produces plenty of power, (50W per channel), which is sufficient fill a large room with music giving the impression of a wide soundstage.
Even though this is a large amplifier with huge transformers and four big KT88 valves, there is no hum, which is a testament to the quality of the components used.
**** We only sell amplifiers we have in stock in the UK and have tested, so you don't need to pay huge shipping costs or import duty. ****
If you have the budget, then this is the valve amplifier to go for, the sound is superb. The large KT88 valves give a silky smooth natural sound that you simply can’t get without spending large amounts of money on solid state amplifiers. The large transformers give you the power to comfortably drive pretty much any speakers you want. Fantastic value for money, our competitors struggle to offer even EL34 ultra linear amplifiers for this price.

These are not amplifiers people are used to seeing, most people buy hifi from their local Curry’s or Dixon’s, all of our valve amplifiers, once turned on and gently glowing, bring a focal point and talking point to any room.

We offer a 14 day refund (of the purchase price) if you're unhappy with the amp and a 90 day warranty against any manufacturing defaults.

Main Features
- four KT88 valves - amplifier utilises "Ultra Linear" (or push pull) mode design,
- very large transformers,
- comes complete with a valve safety cage,
- choke loaded filter,
- constructed 100% by hand, using only labour intensive point to point wiring,

- blue power led light,
- machined aluminium front face (in SILVER),
- power switch,

The amplifier has valve bias adjustment terminals on either side allowing you to independently adjust and set the bias unlike our competitors who make you send the amplifier back to them for new valves. This is a straightforward task and full instructions are included so you can easily change/upgrade your own valves. (a voltmeter and screwdriver are required)

- gold plated speaker posts outputs for 4 and 8 Ohm speakers,
- four sets of , gold plated input channels,
- power input,

P88i valve amplifier Specifications.
- Output power : 2 x 50W
- Frequency response : 20Hz ~ 30KHz ±1.5dB
- Input sensitivity : 650 ~ 750mV
- Total harmonic distortion : <1.5% (440Hz)
- Output impedance : 4 ohms, 8 ohms
- Input impedance : 50 K ohms
- Vacuum tubes : KT88 x 4, 6N8P x 4
- Voltage : 230V
- Power consumption : 220W
- Signal to noise ratio : 88~92dB
- Net weight : 26Kg
- Dimension : 39W x 35D x 20H(CM)

KT88 valve bias adjustment.
Many of our competitors amplifiers do not have any simple adjustment for valve bias, this means you have to send the amplifier away to get the valves changed. The P88i has adjustment controls on the sides and with the aid of a voltmeter it is a simple task to change valves and to set the biasing to suit your tastes or to upgrade the valves.

KT88 valve amplifier guard.
To keep the amplifier clean and keep away small fingers and pets, the amplifier comes complete with a valve protection guard.

Inside the P88i valve amplifier.
The amplifier has been 100% hand made. There are no printed circuit boards and all wiring is laboriously point to point soldered giving the cleanest singnal possible. The circuits are beautifully and cleanly laid out and we can supply a circuit diagram, if needed, for you to customise or upgrade yourself.

Separo P88i Ultra Linear Valve Amplifier................£565


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P88i valve amplifier, integrated amplifier, KT88, ultra linear, valve amplifier, KT88 valve amplifier, vacuum tube amplifier, KT88 valve, ultra linear valve amplifier, sale